Which video editing app is the best?

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Let’s acknowledge this indisputable fact that we are living in a time where vlogging and YouTube content creation are attributed as popular and seemingly stable professions. Post the coming of Jio, India witnessed a boom in the field of digital content creation. Now, people are considering YouTube as a significant career option. To become a digital content creator one must know the basics of production- ranging from having a pro DSLR camera, high-performance PC, editing software, and, of course, production skill. However, this requires considerable investment. Thankfully, the latest mobile cameras are equipped with features that shoot pro res videos but editing them might become a headache.

Most of the mobile video editing applications demand subscription. Moreover, they will spam you with commercials or leave their watermark on the final render. Free apps like iMovie and Inshorts work decently but they are not a reliable option for video editing. After some research, I finally discovered a perfect video editing app that solves one major limitation of video editing. The App is known as VN (available on iOS and Android for free). It is the perfect go-to app for a content creator and other professionals. It helps them edit video at any place and time easily on their mobile. Some of its amazing features are as follows-

Multiple layer video editing:

VN is capable of editing video in multiple layers which is like premiere pro or FCP (a handy feature).

Custom LUT feature:

Video editors and cinematographers like to colour grade their videos but this was only possible on pro software until VN was launched. VN has a feature to load custom LUT (Lookup table) and edit them.

Keyframe animation:

One of my favourite features of this app is keyframe animation. One can easily animate the position of a video or any other element from one place to another.

Video Blending option:

This feature makes it hard for you to believe that this app is for real. The features of blending option like Screen, Multiply and more elevates this app to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Chroma Removal:

We all are aware of green screen production. This app possesses the feature to help you get rid of your chroma background and blend it with a new custom background.


Yes! This app possesses a feature of masking, too. You’ll be able to mask the video ad feather and blend it easily together with your background footages.


 VN features a pack of the latest trending video transitions which are used by filmmakers, bloggers, and content creators.

There are limitless options and features which make this app my go-to option for video editing. The app is now available on Mac Os as well for free and it might get launched in the PC version soon.

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