Freelancers versus jobs in creative industry

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Usually, recruiters in the Indian creative industry are sceptical about hiring an artist who mentions that they are a freelancer in their profile or CV. They are ridden with the notion that a freelancer lacks experience.

In my opinion, freelancers are far more capable of rendering quality projects than other artists.

A freelancer with good experience has:

  •  A better understanding of the specific needs of clients.
  • They are quite versatile.
  • They can handle massive work pressure.
  • They have a ground-level understanding of the market.

Industry experienced artist’s limitations include:

  • The habit of working in a specific kind of workspace which bottlenecks their creative growth.
  • The workload is always divided among their team members which doesn’t allow them to learn how to handle all the workload all by themselves (something which is essential in projects that involve a lot of work).
  • They lack client understanding and management skills.
  • Instruction or order based creativity reduces the individual procreation skills in them.

This post is not to disrespect fellow artists but to uplift those artists against whom recruiters have unnecessary biases.

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